Maybe Because I Am Old?

I been noticing on many online social media outlets that most of the women feel it’s ok to show her body as empowerment, show strength of some kind. At the same time, many people, partially men, labeled these women as “Hoes”. I don’t really know what the honest truth of the whole thing is, I do know I had a disagreement with a Tik Tok police woman who said “If your not from Detroit, you wouldn’t understand”. My personal thing is, since you are a Black Woman Police officer, shouldn’t you use this empowerment on the racial injustice that going on within black communities and police departments over showing sexy photos of yourself referring to yourself as “Hood Hero”. Ok to the young woman credit, she was not in swimwear or anything that risky but the question remains, as a Black Officer, shouldn’t you focus more on the race relationship that at hand? It just seems to me on one hand you bitch about the race relations, then on another hand you brag about something that is bullshit. I don’t, maybe I’m getting old to understand the “today’s” world standards.

I grew up in the “projects” (black neighborhood) back in the 80s threw the early 90s. During the crack cocaine era and Aids epidemics. As a white kid, I learned early on the difference treatment I received compared to my black homies. It was the difference of night and day. No they were not criminal until the police started arresting them on petty shit like stay outside past curfew or sleeping on a park bench, then the arrest record started coming like crazy after a while this prevent anyone with a lengthy arrest record from having homes, good employment, and establishing some good credit, but what the fuck do I know, right. Contrary to popular believes, not all black men are rapists, drug dealers, or thieves and not all black women are hookers or money grabbing sluts. The black folks I grown up around, was common folks trying to make it to the next day with what they had. All parents made sure all kids was feed (including my narrow white ass), and had a safe environment to live in, which is very hard when you have the police beating your daddy head in or having older siblings accused of shit they didn’t have a part of.

It seem to me that the very people who could change the police out look on black communities are NOT trying very hard. If I was on any public platform, I’d be another 2Pac and scream racism every chance I get instead of talking in whispers. And to you punk police who thinks it’s ok to gang up on somebody after you handcuff there asses, just as you claim, you going need somebody help someday and that help will not be there. Just saying, Karama is working over time on this one…

Is It Just Me

For past year now, I been feeling lost. I understand with the pandemic going on does not help, but this is something I been feeling way before the pandemic ever happened. I don’t know but I think I may have some emotional depression or something. No matter how much I try, I can’t seem to get a handle on things. Even with my jobs, it never seems to work out for me. I am so tired of the run around bullshit. Just once it be nice to have something that I don’t mind having. I already understand that not everything is easy and especially when your on that grown up pain.

While we on the subject. Do any of these law makers really understand WTF is really happening? Just because they raise Minimum wages up to $15 hour, don’t mean it going help us average wage workers. I have and I am sure many of you already made $15 or little less of wages now and who to say that your bills won’t go up. I seen that happen to many times too. You get raise and your bills raises prices. It’s fucked up when you have to work your whole life away just to have shack over your head, work uniforms is the only clothing you have. What the point on paying rent when your ass is never at home more than 30 minutes, What the point to have nice things when you can’t enjoy them. Hell it’s gotten that bad…

Anyway folks, hope you had good weekend. I am thinking of taken up photography. I am planning on buying a camera and see what I can do with it. I may share some the photos. Maybe have some young hottie to nude photos ” I’ll make you Instagram famous” 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

Do Everyone Live Like They Post?

Ok I am on Instagram and always wondering, Do people really live like they way they post? Or is it my old ass way of thinking. I believe we all deserve happiness but reality of it all, we can’t have everything we want or have it smelling like peaches. What I mean is, everyone I follow on Instagram seem so fake. Yes I follow the sexy asses and had few texting me. The conversation never last so I move on. But then I was watching TV on day and seen on an commercial saying “Have that Instagram look”. I stopped and wondered WTF did they meant? What, normal people are not what I am looking at on Instagram. How many plastics surgery made on just the ones I follow? I mean, it’s raises more questions then answers. With me, What you see is what you get. I will not change. I earned where I am today. Yes, I wouldn’t mind changing few things that I have going on health wise, financial wise and possible a good wife. You can keep the brats, I have enough friends for that LOLOL. Is this what this generation come too? All about fake bullshit and real shit don’t matter. If it stinks, it proof that it is real.

What are your thoughts ? yes please comment.. please keep it respectful ok…

Trying To Figure Out

I’m not sure if I am the only one but here lately I been bouncing around trying to figure out what I want to do for an income. See when the pandemic hit, I choose to resign from Federal Express. I chose resigning basically out of fear of bringing home the virus and since I am my elderly mother caregiver, we didn’t need that. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great job and many options for a good careers, from labor to leadership. I am 52 of age now and have had some kind of labor job since I was 16 of age. However, with many things life throw at you, that all stopped by the year of 2004. That’s when my life changed. The job I had was cutting back and I was one of cuts. It ok, because it made me go back and get my High School diploma. I even tried going into Truck driving school until my car broke down. My 1994 Saturn SL1 was paid for and broke down soon after the last payment. Mama and myself even tried having our own business just to never get off the ground. It was soon after that, I was homeless and Bankrupted. We lost everything. We put all that we had into a storage unit and I been living in a box ever since. Had to give up my dog and Mama was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. (that’s lung disease from years of smoking.) Since then she added few more living conditions and I been her caregiver ever since. It’s hard because many people see Mom as a person who don’t need any help, but what they don’t see is the emotional, mental and physical health that happens when getting old. I thank God every day that I still have my 80 year Mama. I even went to a couple of semester of community college at Ivy Tech. I failed there, grades sucked but at least I tried. It’s not easy trying to reeducate when you closes to 50 but at least Mama is not bed ridding and able to move around the house some. I do most of all her banking, grocery, cook, cleaning and take out the trash, which that’s always my job anyway, but his causes another issue.

Since we living in Section 8, they want to know why I am here and to charge my ass ,they be trying this for a long time. For those who don’t know, Section 8 is government assistance and believe me, it’s ok for them to rob and steal form your ass but the minute they think you getting a penny more, they want to know everything to why you getting it. It’s not the lack of trying to find work. I find few jobs here and there but they don’t last long. TEMP JOBS IS WHAT THEY SAY, IT IS TEMPORARY. These nickels and dimes jobs ain’t good for anything. Many good jobs that I have applied for always email me, “Sorry, you not WTF we are looking for”, in other words, “We don’t think that your old ass is a good ass kisser.” …… Sorry folks, I went there.

Anyway, I am not going let that stop me. In fact, I am currently taken an online course learning about video games designs. I’m not sure how or anything about that. I have also been learning about 3D modeling. I like writing, sort of, and that’s why I have this here. I thought maybe get a WordPress page going, I can practice writing. Here, there no limits. I do have few social media accounts, so those are ok. I mean over all, it’s not been to bad. I stopped cold turkey smoking cigarettes about 3 years ago. I been clean for weed and rock coke about 30+ years, so that ok. I struggle with alcohol addiction but it getting better, not drinking as much. So not bad for a 52 year man.

Always keep your eyes looking towards the sun

Troy T “Woofy”